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-er notify


  1. A person or thing which notifies or provides notification.
    The Gmail Notifier displays a small icon in the notification area.



From notificare.


  1. to notify


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Notifier or Notifier Fire Control Systems is a manufacturer of engineered fire alarm systems with many distributors worldwide, and regional support operations on every continent. It is located in Northford, Connecticut and is a division of the Honeywell company. Notifier has been producing fire alarm equipment for over 50 years, including fire alarm control panels, network systems, system integration, peripheral devices, accessories, and gas detection. Many of Notifier's products range from manual pull stations, fire alarm control panels, and smoke detectors to be integrated with fire alarm systems. They do not make fire alarm notification appliances, however, so fire alarm signals manufactured by System Sensor, Cooper Wheelock, and Gentex are often used with their systems. System Sensor is the main supplier of devices such as horns, strobes, horn/strobe combo's, detectors [heat and smoke], sprinkler devices [water flow switch, tamper valve switch, low air/water pressure switch].


Notifier was founded in 1949 in Waverly, Nebraska by Oliver T. Joy, along with his wife Dr. Margaret Joy, who acted as executive Vice President. It moved to Lincoln, Nebraska in 1956, and in 1962 was selected to provide the fire detection system for the Seattle World's Fair. The company was sold to Emhart Corporation in 1968, and was acquired by the Pittway Corporation in 1987. Notifier moved to Northford, Connecticut in 1988, and in 1999 Honeywell International, Inc. purchased Pittway Corp., and Notifier became part of Honeywell's Fire Solutions Group.

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